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Of Experiences
R.K.A.H Administrative Consultancy Studies was established in 2018. We provide our clients an access to a professional quality administrative consultancy within the United Arab Emirates and across the globe, in the field of Contracts, Procurements, Sourcing and Alternative Dispute Resolution Services such as Mediation and Arbi- tration. We are here to help clients succeed and operate competitively and take their business to the next level.

Effective Leader

Assist in alternative dispute management tools such as mediation and arbitration.

Achieve Your Goals

Our firm is aimed to provide successful consulting engagement services for our clients by assisting them to review, enhance and develop their procurement policies and procedures.

Creative Idea

We believe in smart and tailored solutions, that is why we help in raising the awareness about management transformation within the organization.

Our Team

Our professional team review and enhance supply chain man- agement, along with driving corporate transformation in the contract and procure- ment field.

Procurement and Sourcing Consultancy


Analyzing and evaluating the existing procurement and supply chain policies and procedures including but not limited to review of forms used and streamlining tender activities


Reviewing and setting up Vendor pre-qualification criteria


Assistance in tender activities. Gap analysis against best practices.


Mentoring the organization of the required training that suits the current teams


Setting up a strategic procurement and supply chain organization


Assessment of required digital transformation and automation policies and procedures and procurement modules


Driving change management through lean procurement activities


Restructuring of contracts and procurement function


Reviewing the supplier database and categories needed for the organization based on the organization

Why We Do What We Do

To modify clients procurement process

To lessen the risk in client’s commercial transactions

To provide clients a documentation that is fully noticeable to protect clients’ interests

To reevaluate the clients process of managing their supply chains and procurement

To improved client’s performance and their greater accountability

To mitigate client’s risk through Alternative Dispute Management Solutions

My Skill
Fact finding • Documents analysis
Mediation services
Arbitration panel participation • Arbitration services
Strategies on dispute avoidance and negotiation
Negotiation assistance

Fatima Balfaqeeh is a licensed independent Arbitrator and Mediator, who is a part of inter- national entities such CIarb, RICS, GCC Commercial Arbitration Center and ICC. Fatima have an experience of over 14 years in supply chain management, and dispute resolu- tion in various fields such as construction, governance enforcement in contracts and procure- ment fields in government entities, project related finance, payables and banking credit facili- ties for corporate clients. Fatima has several degrees such as a BA in Finance, MScs in International Business and sever- al law courses and accreditations. As the Founder and Managing Director of R.K.A.H Administrative Consultancy Studies, a UAE based business, Fatima aspires to support the local, regional and international businesses to be able to drive enhancements and transformation in the supply chain, procurement and contract fields. In addition, to vigorously support alternative dispute resolution practices and tools that can support the UAE’s fast changing and global economical market.

Why Choose Us


Our vision is to create a sound strategy execution process, by guiding you to advance to the next level of performance. Plus, our vision is focused on knowledge transfer and capability to enhance processes and drive you to future change. RKAH professional experts get full engagement with clients and play a quality assurance role to ensure the vision you seek is created.


Our mission is to provide a fulfilling opportunity for all our clients from different firms and make a positive contribution in executing the strategic ideas formed. RKAH is a firm of highly creative and qualified professionals dedicated to improv- ing clients’ financial success.


Our strategy is innovative, and it reflects ‘New ways of creating new value’. Our main value is to ensure that you are always at the edge of strategy & inno- vation. We open for you a window to the latest ideas and best practices. It will help you to start your journey through the strategy execution to the world, in addition to that, it will help you to enhance your achievements in develop- ing a strategy management framework.

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RKAH team always provides you with best solutions.


What Clients Say

I was happy to work with RKAH Consultancy they showed me great solutions about my business. 

Teeb Albarri

DM TAB Creative

My business had grown since consulting with RKAH, the analytic about my business was very details. I would recommend it to any start up company.

Mohamed Meehal

Founder AlMeehal Academy

RKAH services was very professional and on time. Thank you RKAH team.

Yaqoub ALMarzouqi

Founder, Creative Consultancy

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