Business Optimization

Supply Chain Process

Supply chain analysis is the process of assessing every stage of a supply chain from mapping out the needs of the internal or external stakeholders to receiving the final product or the desired service. The main purpose of the analysis is to optimize the process in terms of time, efficiency and speed. The philosophy behind supply chain analysis is the more a business is agile, the faster it will grow.
RKAH’s Procurement Consultants are keen negotiators who can help you assess your position in the supply chain. We focus on fostering trust and collaboration among supply chain partners, thus improving demand visibility, the speed of sourcing, and having regard for commercial and profitability considerations.

The tremendous benefits your business receives from supply chain process enhancement include:

  • Better information flow
  • Improved quality control
  • Higher efficiency rate
  • Reduced overhead expenses
  • Improved risk mitigation
  • Improved cash flow

Strategic Sourcing Blueprint

Strategic sourcing is conducting a continuous and proactive evaluation of the sourcing activities in your company.
With strategic sourcing, suppliers as considered a crucial value partners with whom your company needs to build sustained, collaborative relations. The customer-supplier loop is analyzed at every stage of its lifecycle in order to ensure that the needs of your business are continuously and efficiently met.
A comprehensive strategic sourcing blueprint benefits your company in many ways:
  • Increased level of cost savings
  • Better alignment of sourcing and business objectives
  • optimization of ideal suppliers
  • Long-term relationship with Suppliers
At RKAH, we create a comprehensive strategic sourcing blueprint by undergoing a thorough analysis covering suppliers’ evaluation, supplier’s relationship management, and detailed market research. We are known to create pragmatic and efficient blueprints that are smoothly and successfully implemented.

Procurement Transformation

Sometimes you need to take major steps to modify your strategic, operational and financial route

Whether you strive to improve financial performance or feel an urging desire to reinvent your business to stay ahead of your competitors, only a strong in-depth procurement transformation strategy will have you achieve your vision. We offer you all the expertise, analysis, detailed strategy to help strengthen your leadership and mobilize your organization towards effective implementation.
Our approach consists of a full potential transformation that covers your entire company, to tackle all the necessary changes that needs to be taken into account to reach your full ambition. It is important to address change through the front lines, with innovative solutions, rapid scaling and the capabilities required to sustain your success. We are uniquely positioned to provide the broad skillset and expertise required to bring vision to reality—after all, strategic transformation has been at the core of what we do. If your business is falling short of its full potential, we can help you on a cross-functional successful transformation strategy that will lead to sustained, outstanding performance.
Five necessary factors to successfully implement large scale transformation

Focus on critical actions

Elaborate a list of potential opportunities, prioritizing only those that will generate the most value.

Unleash your talent

Spot next-gen leaders, foster efficient mentorship and create the systems, capabilities and capacity that support superior performance.

Accelerate change

Boost the growth of your company with a combination of agile and new ways of working, customer collaboration and the ability for fast scaling of your successes.

Be flexible

Adjust and tweak the design of your transformation roadmap in response to new opportunities or competitive circumstances, market changes and other unforeseen factors.

Build an ecosystem

Enhance your competitive advantages by boldly increasing your capabilities with top-notch external partners and vendors.