Dispute Avoidance

Internal Governance Policies

Corporates and businesses need a proactive and effective interaction with regulators and shareholders.

We help corporates and businesses create robust internal governance policies:

  • We establish strategies for managing risk, make sure they are in compliance with legal requirements, and communicate them with shareholders.
  • We guide you and establish a roadmap on how to implement those policies within your organization with practical measures for a smooth and successful implementation.
  • We counsel you on every aspect related to corporate governance, regulatory compliance and investigations, executive compensation and crisis management.
  • We also work with you and your board of directors to anticipate problems and resolve those that arise. We have in-depth regulatory and industry knowledge, in addition to an extensive experience in government relations, litigation, internal investigations and securities law compliance, which allows us to provide you a comprehensive and holistic problem-solving approach.

Reviewing Contract Documents

A contract review helps you minimize organizational risks and maximize the likelihood that an agreement will result in a positive business impact for all involved parties.

Without a thorough contracts review, you run the risk of committing to obligations you may not be able to meet, damaging thus your company’s brand and reputation, and wasting valuable time and financial resources resolving conflicts that could have been easily prevented.

At RKAH, we make a thorough examination of any type of legal agreement before you sign it, ensuring that all clauses and terms stated in the document are crystal clear and accurate, and that your company is safe moving forward according to the terms of the agreement.

A contract review is your last chance to identify and request necessary changes before getting locked into an agreement.

Claims Evaluation and Management

Claims management efficiently helps your business by boosting your brand, reputation and commercial relationships while minimizing any exposure to risk.

As our company integrates claims management with legal consulting services, we deliver sound results that meet your commercial goals, and help your business avoid unnecessary litigation where possible and maximize repudiation of third-party claims.

We ensure effective caseloads management that support early guidance, effective strategies and prompt resolution.

Drafting Customized Contracts

Most often disputes are easily avoidable through well drafted contracts that include the commitment of both parties to opt for conflict avoidance and early intervention techniques. Possible problems are anticipated and a skillfully planned conflict avoidance procedure is elaborated in the contract helping parties to communicate with transparency and honesty, encouraging thus compromise and avoidance of escalation to formal dispute.