Dispute Resolution

Claims Negotiation

Negotiation is when involved parties in dispute reach a settlement that they both agree upon. Negotiations are achievable through conversations made between them.

RKAH brings you the best negotiators to handle claims negotiation on your behalf. Our experts have wide experience and knowledge in claims negotiation. They understand the bigger picture, assess where interests may be in conflict, seek to reconcile them professionally taking into consideration that a successful relationship depends ultimately on a win-win outcome for both sides.


Mediation is seeking the intervention of an impartial third party to resolve disputes between parties to reach a fair and satisfactory resolution. Mediation has become a preferred process to negotiate settlements in all litigation cases.

We help parties to reach mutually agreeable terms by empowering each within a constructive and trustful environment. This can be achieved by providing mediation services as a certified neutral third party. In addition, we also can represent our clients in any mediation proceedings.


Arbitration is needed when parties face a dispute and decide to seek the help of an arbitrator rather than litigating it to court. In commercial disputes, arbitration holds many advantages, as both parties agree upon the arbitrator who will professionally manage the resolution of their dispute.

We are well established in Both Domestic and International Arbitration proceedings as parties counsel or as the role of Arbitrator. We are specialized in corporates and businesses arbitration and help them in a broad spectrum of cases as listed in the industries section.

Dispute Board (DB)

Dispute board (DB) involves appointing an impartial and independent board member in relatively big project, regardless the industry, to proactively detect, evaluate and resolve disagreements between parties without escalating it to costly and lengthy arbitration.

It holds enormous advantages, including peace of mind knowing that any dispute will be efficiently and promptly handled. It also promotes positivity, cooperation, trust and open communication.

At RKAH, we can provide advice on various projects as Dispute Board member. Our long experience and expertise in the matter makes us an ideal professional to be appointed in your project.