Real Estate

Our client base at RKAH includes landowners, investors, and Developers. our lawyers have extensive expertise and experience in all areas related to real estate.

If your company needs solid support on an important construction project or investment, or if you’re a real estate investor facing on site issues, we are renowned by our fast response to clients’ needs delivering practical and pragmatic solutions to your problems, which helps you focus and move forward with your project.

We are widely sought for our law property expertise. Our approach is based upon a deep understanding of your legal requirements, and your business aims. We provide comprehensive support to project developers, construction firms and property funders including banks.

Infrastructure and Construction

Keeping complex infrastructure and large-scale construction projects on track and moving forward demands a thorough knowledge and anticipation on how and where problems may arise. That is precisely the insight and experience the lawyers at RKAH bring to private and public owners, as they plan, finance and successfully complete their large-scale, high-profile infrastructure projects.

We have developed a broad and deep understanding of the legal and operational issues surrounding major projects and the complex interplay between private and public sector concerns.

We provide strategic advice pertinent to compliance with the full array of regulatory, planning and land use requirements to help you keep projects on schedule and within budget by avoiding the legal issues that most often impede the progress of complex projects.

Corporate Governance

RKAH corporate governance lawyers and consultants counsel members of the board of directors and senior executives on the wide array of corporate governance problems that companies and their leadership may face. These include:

  • Board and board committee assessment and self-assessment processes
  • Risk identification and risk management
  • Boards and board committees’ representation
  • Growing trends and leading practices for corporate governance

Our lawyers review and elaborate policies, procedures and controls to make sure your corporation is run smoothly and with transparency.

Insurance Claims

Insurance claims disputes arise after an insurance company denies a valid claim, sometimes without legitimate reason or explanation. If you face challenge dealing with loss adjustors or have claimers with various policy brokers, RKAH professionals can step in and negotiate with all internal and external parties on your organization’s behalf. 

We have wide experience dealing amicably with insurance companies and helping our clients recover all possible claimed amounts.  Our approach in resolving claims dispute is rapid and effective.

Food Security Matters

Through its Sustainable Development Goal, The UN clearly recommended: “End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture.” The endeavor of governmental entities to combat hunger, malnutrition, and improve supply chain infrastructure and efficiency lead so far to encouraging results.

To surmount the food security challenge, food companies are also key players as they need to enable sufficient increases in food production while ensuring access to food.

Our lawyers at RKAH are experts in reviewing Food investment contracts between Governmental entities and Food companies and successfully handle any dispute that may arise.

Artists and Art Collectors

RKAH is specialized in the art and cultural heritage sector. We provide legal advice to private collectors, artists, dealers, auction houses, leading galleries and museums.

Our art lawyers manage clients’ art acquisitions and sales of art pieces or collections, title disputes.

Our clients depend on us for any legal and commercial advice in every aspect related to ownership of art assets, import, export and customs requirements, and art installation, legal advice around structuring collections and financing purchases, as well as complex compliance and regulatory issues.

Our clients know that regardless the difficulty of the issue, we have the knowledge and expertise to support them effectively and efficiently.

Facilities and Assets Management

Facilities management, whether in-house or outsourced, plays a key role in securing business objectives and boosting growth strategies.

We assess the real cost of facilities management of your company, devise and implement successful strategies addressing the present and future service needs of your company, including space management and maintenance for ageing assets.

We help drafting industry form facilities management contracts and associated guidance in alignment with best practices which helps your company stand as leader in promoting best practice solutions. 

Our legal counsels and consultants take innovate approaches, promote early stakeholder engagement and create communication strategies that resonate with a better collaborative facilities management culture, leading thus to long term cost-effective results.

We also provide similar services for various commercial and residential assets.

Supply Chain and Warehouse Management

Supply chain relationships are essential to the success of many businesses. Our commercial lawyers and consultants have wide experience in successfully helping companies boost their supply and warehouse management.

We advise you on a wide array of supply chain and warehouse management areas:

  • Advising on complex aspects of general legislation
  • Interpretation of complex legislation
  • Drafting terms and conditions of contract
  • Drafting and reviewing Policies and Procedures in line with best practices
  • Handling disputes related to the interpretation of terms and conditions of contract
  • Handling disputes related to performance measurement/monitoring of a contract

We help you manage your trading channels, considering new marketing opportunities and assessing legal risks and implications of various routes to market.

We also evaluate methods for creating economies across other business processes, beginning with the supply chain, including the reduction or transfer of cost from fixed to variable by outsourcing to key suppliers.

Lastly, a sound and solid supply chain management provides tremendous benefits to your business. You need the guidance of dedicated polyvalent experts who are keen in every aspect of the process, and that’s exactly what distinguishes RKAH.